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On the whole world, Israel is not only known for its ancient and interesting history, geography enjoyable, but its unique medicine. Nor for no secret that medicine in this eastern country is at the highest level, which implies the presence of a highly qualified doctors, using the most effective and advanced technologies, as well as the medical center with the infrastructure specific level. Israel is one of the most popular countries in the world, which from all over the world come to improve my health. In this case, the citizens of Russia and the former USSR Israel is also popular as a medical tourism.

For many years, Israeli medicine is a leader in the following specializations: cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, genetic disease, infertility treatment, including and in vitro fertilization. In these areas of medicine are the only competitive countries Some European region and the U.S..
This success is primarily due to the fact that absolutely all private and municipal Israeli hospitals have proper equipment, which necessary for the treatment of any medical field. Israel is a place not only hospitals with modern equipment and qualified physicians. On the basis of the major Israeli hospitals operate research centers. This world-class institutions, which are aimed the development and implementation of innovative technologies in modern medicine.

For several years, the Israeli medicine pays special attention to customer service, which also contributes to the enormous zatrachivaniya of funds for the construction of new health centers and the acquisition of modern equipment.

In this case, the main feature of high Israeli medicine from Europe or America is the most affordable cost of treatment. A positive thing for our compatriots and for the citizens of Ukraine, as well as a number of the Baltic States is a visa-free regime. For the citizens of Belarus Kazakhstan and other CIS countries is a single visa system, according to which the visa is not difficult to obtain.

Israel - it is a wonderful country in which you can simultaneously improve their health and get to know the amazing history of the country and the majestic cultural values. For each client, we prepare a customized program to help you enjoy this most wonderful country pleasant and comfortable manner.

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